Super Nicolas
This Article is about the popular OC created from the year 2013.

"If someone tells me it's a bad idea to hope, I'll tell them they're wrong."

                                  — Nicolas, Superstar Nicolas X Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Nicolas (ニコラス, Nikorasu) is the main character and protagonist of the greatest series from 2015 to present's Superstar Nicolas, He was created and voiced by Nicolas Mejia and also serves as the main mascot of Mejia Entertainment. Nicolas made his first appearance as the protagonist of the drawing on MS Paint, Super Nicolas, Drawn in 2013. Since other drawings, his trademark abilities have been his fire attack and stomping powers, which he defeats most of his enemies, and his ability to transform and gain powers with a plethora of anything, such as the 7 colored gems and mostly his guardian characters. Drawings have usually portrayed Nicolas as a silent character without a distinct personality (which now talks). According to Mejia Entertainment's philosophy, this allows Nicolas to fit in many different genres and roles. In some drawings, he is the hero that goes on an adventure to save Princess Artemis from Venom, but he has been shown doing many other activities besides adventuring, such as racing & sporting with his helpful friend and others.