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Christian Rice, CD-Rice Adventures[1]
Christian Rice
Christian Rice
Christian Rice
First appearance

Christian 2012

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Biographical overview



Lynchburg Hospital[3]

  • Artix
  • CD-Rice
  • Otaku Hero
Physical description





170 cm (5' 7")[2]


70.3 kg (155 lb.)[2]





  • Black Shoes, Blue Jeans, Green Shirt, Black/Gold Jacket, Glasses
Alignment and character traits



Team CD-Rice

Favorite Food

Chili dogs

  • Chili dogs
  • Alexis Harvey
  • his friends
  • Manga
  • Anime
  • Video Games
  • his family
  • racing
  • drawing comics
  • writing scripts
  • sparring
  • Baxter Ewers
  • Bullies
  • Edgar Ibanezz
  • Eggman and his robots
  • imposters
  • being called a retard
  • getting wet or dirty
  • hypodermic needles
  • staying out of the sun and suffer skin damage
Powers and abilities
  • Running
  • Drawing
  • Fighting
  • Greenkinesis
Moves and techniques
  • Swinging Punch
  • Pen Throw
  • greenkinesis
Ability type


Christian Rice is the main protagonist of the CD Rice comic series. He is well known as "CD Rice", and has been given the title of the Otaku Hero. Christian has been appearing in a lot of games in the Artix series. He is based off of Himself in real life about what his adventures are that are in need. He's even have huge alliances with Alexis Pitts, Baxter Ewers and Alexis Harvey.

Appearance Edit

Christian has brown hair, hazel eyes, and Caucasian skin. In the 2012 Arc, Christian wears a black hoodie over a black shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes with grey soles. Sometimes in the games he would wear a Green Shirt and a Golden Jacket.

Personality Edit

Christian is a kind and caring person, who will help anyone in trouble, though he's had the problem of only caring about his friends. He is cocky, and is confident in his skills. He has a burning desire to protect Alexis Harvey from danger, and can lose control when she's at risk. He also is a smart aleck, always trying to make sure he's right in an argument. He's been known to lose control when called a retard, or a similar insult, as a result of him having Asperger's Syndrome.


Alexis PittsEdit

Baxter EwersEdit

Alexis HarveyEdit

Edgar IbanezzEdit


Christian's greatest strength is him always staying at home on his Ipad and playing video games. Due to this Christian suffers from a Syndrom were the sun could damage his skin if he stays outside on the hot weather for too long. Christian is also notable in fighting as he is great at it too. He also loves to be with friends as well, He finally after 3 years from 2012 have hunged out with one of his best friends and closest friend Baxter Ewers as they actually started there series called "Super Baxter vs. CD Rice" were it is a crossover of Baxter's TheSuperBaxter Channel against Christian's CD-Rice Channel, Recently they did a WWE2K14 Challenge video which ended up with Christian taking out his rage trying to attack Baxter but Baxter got the upper hand. Christian is a Huge Sonic Fan as well so Christian sometimes runs like Sonic as seen from when he was in Middle School in 2012 in his 8th Grade Year before moving to Heritage High School so he could end his Bullying torture from Edgar Ibanezz. Christian also loves The Legend of Zelda, Shantae, Mega Man and Kingdom Hearts for his favorite video game franchises and loves to read Comics.


Christian's main and huge weakness is Hypodermic Needles which it's his only fear he is afraid of.

In Other MediaEdit

Archie ComicsEdit

Christian is one of the Main 3 Protagonists in the Archie Comics, He alongside Alexis Pitts and Baxter Ewers goes on many adventures through video games such as Sonic Boom and others.

Trivia Edit

  • Christian Rice is Baxter Ewers' Closest friend ever to have due to the fact Baxter has faced many rivals at his School and outside of school.

References Edit

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