The Artix the Hedgehog/Super Baxter Flipbook was a Free Comic Book day release by TCT Studios and Fireball Studios The comic contains the later half of the following stories:

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TWO Free Comic Books in One! Just in time for the epic crossover yet ever Between Artix The Hedgehog and his friends from the Artix Universe and Baxter and his friends from the Super Baxter Universe comes together as "Clash of Worlds". Witness the journey these two epic heroes from both TCT Studios and Fireball Studios took to finally meet each other—Baxter's journey chronicled on one side, and Artix's on the other! This is the must-have primer for the biggest comic book event of 2015—as video game icons Artix and Baxter meet for the very first time anywhere—featuring art from both Artix and Baxter comic book fame!


Clash of Worlds PrequelEdit

Green Meets DoomsdayEdit

Son of Fire Gods who has everythingEdit

Baxter pursued Mr. G while on the Baxter Kart Car. During the fight, The Car is shot down with Baxter setting up to teleport it back to The Evington Kingdom.

Holding off Mr. G is Baxter Villains Tall Girl, Skull Eye and Black Witch, while Baxter fixes The Baxter Kart's transponder, then telepors it out. The 3 Villains are easily defeated, leaving only a battle between brothers. During the battle, Mahroe leaves the Mahroe Castle through a mysterious portal.

Mr. G is about to destroy Baxter, while the latter pleads that he doesn't destroy the integrated circuit (which gives a Robot Master their personality) as it would break Princess Denise's heart. He backed down, only for Baxter to attempt unmasking him and Unbrainwash Gunther. The outcome was interrupted as the world faded to white.



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