Quotation1 You know who i am! I'm Baxter, Hero of Siderville! Son of the Fire Gods! Quotation2
Baxter, Baxter and The Rise of the Hedgehogs 1[1]
Super Baxter
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Baxter Sider

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Biographical overview




  • Bax (Always called by Artix)
  • The Hero of Siderville
  • Son of the Fire Gods
  • The Fire Fly
  • Infernio
  • Red Hero
  • The Pheonix Bird
  • Golden Hair
  • TheSuperBaxter (Also Baxter Ewers' Nickname)
Physical description





154 cm (5' 1")[2]


51 kg (114 lb.)[2]





  • Brown Shoes, Blue Pants, Red Shirt
Alignment and character traits



Team Baxter

Favorite Food


  • Mahroe
  • Jerk
  • Anyone that turns on him
  • Bowser and his Koopas
  • Imposters
  • Anyone that calls him Retarded
  • Memy9909
  • Mecha Baxter
  • Poison
  • Dr. Eggman
  • Waisting too much time on stuff
  • Haters
  • Waxter
  • Wagunther
Powers and abilities
  • Jumping
  • Ground Pound
  • Spin Jump
  • Stomping on Enemies
  • Running
  • Spinning Attack
  • Baxter Tornado
  • Creating fire for projectiles
  • Using fire-based attacks
  • Transformations
  • Super strength
  • Swimming
  • Kart racing
  • Flying
  • Fighting
  • Sports
  • Wall jumping
Moves and techniques
Ability type

All Around

Baxter (バクスター Bakusutā) or Referred to as Super Baxter is the Main Character in the series Super Baxter. He is also Fireball Studios's Mascot Flagship to the Company. Normally the hero, in the game series, Baxter uses his legendary jump, combat and Fire abilities to defend the peaceful inhabitants of the Evington Kingdom and the world from powerful and foul villains such as Mahroe. While not adventuring, Baxter participates in a variety of sporting events, parties and other fun activities with his younger twin brother Gunther and thousands of friends from his many adventures. Mario is by far the most famous and greatest Video-Game character for an OC.

Baxter also is infamous for Crossovers with Artix The Hedgehog in various games. Baxter and Artix will crossover in the first archies comic Clash of Worlds.

Personality Edit

Baxter is a calm and Comedic guy who shows off without any fear. Baxter cares deeply for his friends and family and will stop anyone who hurts any of his friends. Notable Princess Denise always gets kidnapped by Mahroe which sets him out on an Adventure to save her. Baxter is also talented to draw alot of things on paper and on computer. Baxter is many times against evil, and works to protect everyone and save anyone who needs him. Baxter will get very angry when someone calls him a stupid name like "Stupid Baystard" or "Retarded Baxter" as Baxter has the same disorder as Artix with Aspergers but also has Autism and Spectrum. He mostly dosen't speak alot he's mostly silent in ways and he is also an expert at staying alone on his adventures.

Abilities Edit

Baxter 's main abilities are his Jumping, Combat and Fire abilities. Baxter's jumping abilities make him jump pretty high and kill an enemy with a single stomp on the head. Baxter was trained by Fire gods for his Combat abilities so Baxter can put any of his opponents in great danger if they don't know his moves. Baxter true main ability is Fire which allows him to use any fire ability he has. Most notably Baxter secretly carries a weapon called The "Fire Sword" which creates more fire abilities for him like "Fire Slain" or "Pheonix Stab".

History Edit

The Beggining of a Fire Hero Edit

Baxter was born as Baxter M. Homitiy in January 27th 1999. On his Birthday he was afraid to eat or drink and had rough times suffering those days, but until he was fed with water, baxter became calm and a nice young fellow, He was trained by Fliarz to try out some Fire Abilities as it all worked. He was trained with great Combat and Jumping abilities as well. Baxter obtained the Super Form when it was absorbed with another fire power to do so, if he gains more fire power while as Super Baxter X1, he can go up to X2, X3, X4 and X5. Baxter also has a counterpart DNA clone named Baxter The Hedgehog which both are separate from each other whose stays in the Artix The Hedgehog franchise, The same goes with Gunther, Waxter and Wagunther.


Baxter has a few weaknesses to him. When he transforms into Fire Hover it damages him most of the time he fights, this form is dangerous for him because it works similar to Goku's "Kio-Ken" Move. Any opponent he fights with Water moves can heavily damage him but Baxter is immuned to Water when he goes swimming but in Combat he is hurt mostly by Water. Poison or Toxic can actually kill baxter slowly, Baxter must stay away from certain places with Poison or Toxic, however one time he actually Survived from Toxic by going through some woods.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Rivals Edit

Enemies Edit

Apperances in Other mediaEdit

Artix The Hedgehog FranchiseEdit

Baxter is also the one who makes notable guest apperances or crossovers alongside Artix. Which actually created Baxter The Hedgehog.

Archie ComicsEdit

Baxter's Franchise also has Archie Comics on it's own. The Super Baxter series will make it's appearance in Clash of Worlds in issues 26-37 with Artix's universe.

Reception and LegacyEdit

As Fireball's Mascot, Baxter has been hands down the most notable and popular character on the internet having appeared in many media and youtube is the most recognizable website Baxter is and being a recognizable Video Game Character. Baxter is also one of the two video game characters to make it as a Balloon for the Holiday of matters parade (The other being Artix).

Baxter was one of the three game characters inducted on the inaugural Walk of Game class in 2014, along with rival Artix and Misery.

Baxter was also popular in the real world since fans have lived in his reigion

In 2015, Baxter was recognizable for the crossover between Artix The Hedgehog in multiple games. Artix and Baxter will both crossover together in Clash of Worlds in Issue 26-37.


Baxter made several cameos in many other titles such as The Fireball All Stars series. And minor cameos in TCT's Games, Baxter will make another appearance in Artix Smackdown as a Downloadable Character.


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